Smudging 101

Smudging has easily become one of my favorite rituals over the last year. It’s so amazing to take a few moments to slow down and intentionally focus on the moment. Smudging has helped me sustain the mindset shifts that I’ve worked so hard to create and allows me to attract more positivity into my life while connecting with my spirituality.
If you aren’t familiar with smudging, this is the perfect post for you! It’s literally a 101 lesson on the basics of smudging and how to easily start incorporating it into your routine.
You ready, sis? Let’s get into it!

What is Smudging?

Simply put, smudging is a way to cleanse your space of negative energy and encourage positive energy.
It’s a spiritual ritual that allows you to slow down, achieve a healing state, and reflect while attracting light and positivity. Not only can smudging help cleanse any negative energy in your space, but it can also help you release any negative energy you may have been holding on to (including energy transferred from others).
And depending on the types of herbs used, smudging can have other benefits such as reducing anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia, boosting energy levels, and encouraging an uplifting mood.

What Do I Need to Smudge?

  • Smudge/Herb Stick: This can be just sage or a combination of different herbs such as lavender, roses, and palo santo.
  • A Bowl: This will be used to catch any falling ashes, to sit your herbstick in if you need to set it down throughout your session, and to put out your herbstick.
Smudging 101: What is an herbstick?Herbstick featuring sage, lavender, dried rose petals, rosemary, and thyme.

How Do I Smudge?

If you’re smudging for spiritual reasons or to cleanse the energy, a good way to start your session is by setting your intentions for the session. This can be done through affirmations or meditation.
I always love to play high-vibe music while I smudge, this encourages me to fully enjoy the moment, take my time with the process, and helps with keeping me in a positive mood (you don’t want to be in a negative mindset when you smudge, as it can have counterintuitive results).
You’ll also want to open a window or door so that the negative energy can be directed out of your home.
Once you’ve prepared your space and mindset for the session, you can begin smudging. Start by lighting your herbstick. If it begins to catch fire, be sure to blow it out. The herbs should slowly begin smoldering, creating smoke.
Using your hand, a feather, or a fan, direct the smoke around your body and home as you collect the ashes in your bowl.
When you’re finished, use the bowl to put out your herbstick and enjoy your refreshed space.
I typically like to follow up my smudge sessions with incense (lotus, sage, and dragon’s blood are my favorites!) and by spraying some Blockedt: Anti-Bad Vibe Room Spray.

What Next?

Smudge with us! If you try smudging for the first time, let me know all about your experience on Instagram.

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